Liberty cotton lawn Honeycomb shirt

A review of Honeycomb Dress and Top


Reviewed by Abigail Welch on 4th December, 2019

The honeycomb shirt, from CocoWawa Crafts, is a peplum style shirt, with waist ties. It offers different sleeve styles, and can also be sewn as a dress.

I opted for the sleeveless shirt this time round. I used liberty cotton lawn purchased from The Village Haberdashery.

This time round I cut out a size 5 (I previously have sewn a size 6, but this is now really big on me). I sewed up the shirt as the standard size, however along the way I found that some alterations were needed. I firstly took the shirt in at the side seams. As I had already put the peplum on I just tapered it in to the waist seam rather than undoing the peplum.

I should have also done a narrow shoulder adjustment. The design of the shirt is for it to have wide, almost drop shoulders, however this style is not my thing. I had already attached the yoke, and done the burrito method before realising that I needed to do the adjustment. I didn’t want to undo the work I had already done so I did the “dirty” method of narrowing the shoulders by sewing the bias binding around the armholes and reducing the shoulder width. In future I will do this adjustment properly.

While I did need to do a few adjustments along the way, I really do love this pattern. I find it easy to wear, both at work and the weekends. The buttons also mean this top can be used as a breastfeeding friendly garment!!

I definitely recommend the Honeycomb shirt.