Knit Top with various length & sleeve options

A review of Knit Top with various length & sleeve options

Reviewed by M0nsterhug on 6th February, 2022

First knit dress I made on my overlocker.

Pattern comes in a really great size range which is why I chose it over other patterns I was looking at. I also really liked that it comes in 3 lengths and with various different sleeve options making it one pattern I can use again & again.

I graded from a size 24 for the chest to a 20 on waist & hip. No alterations as this was my first knit dress and I wasn’t sure if I needed to adjust anything. Would lengthen the arms next time as the sleeves are a tad short for my liking.

There’s a bit of twisting at the top of the sleeved which may be designed that way. The sleeves don’t have the usual notches for front & back so I may have messed up.

Instructions overall were OK but wouldn’t say very beginner friendly.