Julien Chore Jakcket

A review of Julien Chore Jacket


Reviewed by TheMagnificentThread on 29th March, 2019

I always love the opportunity to pattern test for Ready to Sew, and the Julien jacket certainly didn’t disappoint!

Julien is a simple boxy jacket, inspired by vintage French workwear, with a few neat bits of detailing to keep things interesting, along with French seams and (my favourite) plenty of topstitching! The sizing runs from 32-52 (it’s the second Ready to Sew pattern available in an extended size range) and the pattern offers half sizes, along with links to extra tutorials on grading between sizes, lengthening or shortening, enlarging the sleeves and doing an FBA.

I found it really easy and enjoyable to make, particularly as it employs a simple approach to the construction of some ordinarily quite challenging elements of a jacket/shirt – including the back vent, sleeve openings and button placket. I finished mine up in under a day!

The full review and lots more pictures are available here: http://www.magnificentthread.com/2019/03/ready-to-sew-julien-jacket.html