Julien chore jacket – intermediate sew

A review of Julien Chore Jacket


Reviewed by TiaJuana on 5th June, 2019

3-2/3 stars? (having a bit of trouble attaching a photo – will keep trying if not here)

This is a fun sew with a few nice surprises — that I decided to do after the Queen of the Foldline (Kate) gave it a shout out in her vlog. For instance, the cuffs are clever, not sure why everyone doesn’t do them this way. The collar is very easy to put on, but not very elegant.

The bottom line is that this is not a pattern for the pear shaped individual (aka me) – it accentuates the pear as there is no shoulder structure to help out. Also, I would have to add ease to the hips for it to really fit me (nope, I didn’t make a toile, don’t castigate me) which I should have figured out by looking at pictures of people wearing their Julien makes. Finally, again, not the problem of ReadyToWear styling, but in the end it reads younger than my advanced age. So probably not a pattern I’m going to come back to, there are better fits for me out there. (Maybe my daughters will wear it.)

I used a medium weight denim twill which I love. Also interfaced the collar.