Jodie Shirt (Dress)!

A review of Sew Over It Jodie Shirt

Reviewed by Dress By Amy on 25th September, 2022

The Jodie shirt has quite a bit of ease making it a relaxed fit.  Specifically, 3.25 inches at the bust and 9.75 inches at the waist.  My toile showed that a size 10 fit me perfectly with no adjustments which I was very pleased about!  For my actual garment I wanted to make a shirt dress rather than a shirt, so once I knew the pattern fit me, I compared it to an existing dress that I like the length of and measured how much length I needed to add which from memory was about 18 inches.  I then cut along the lengthen shorten line on the pattern and added in that amount and smoothed out the side seams.  Rather than have a completely straight skirt, I decided to ‘pencil’ the bottom by about one inch and a half on each side to have a slightly more fitted look.  I did this by measuring in on the hemline from the side seam by that amount and then curving the side seam back up from that point to meet with the existing seamline about 15 inches up.

I used a beautiful cotton, linen blend from Sew Over It and love the result.  I will definitely be putting this pattern on my ‘to sew again’ list!