It’s all about the sleeves

A review of Merchant & Mills The Edie Top and Dress

Reviewed by Salva..aka @sewingunlimited on 31st January, 2022

Despite giving me Gilead vibes I really like this pattern.
I usually shorten most , if not all, my makes, not sure what happened but I completely forgot to do that with this one.

The shape is really lovely and despite the simplicity of the dress, the sleeves really make the dress come to life.
For the sleeves I opted for the ties, but there’s also the options of having the elastic if you prefer or if you think the ties might get in the way!

I made a size 8, no modifications.
The fabric i used is hemp / organic cotton it’s a beautiful cloth and it works really well for this dress as it’s not stop drapey and I think you need a fabric with some structure to really show the dress.

This is an intermediate pattern but I think a beginner can also successfully tackle this pattern as the instructions, although, minimal are easy to follow. Definitely recommend.