It had me at the sleeves

A review of Tilly and the Buttons Billie Sweatshirt and Dress

Reviewed by jenlegg_teescreatives on 1st December, 2020

Serial Sewist is 6 enough ?

This pattern had me at the sleeves I immediately bought and searched my stash for suitable fabric. Which I had a lot of hence making it over and over again! 

I used a variety of lighter weight knit fabrics. In my opinion theses work better on the gathering if the sleeves. I couldn’t imagine it with thick sweatshirt but I think think this would be perfect for the plain sleeved or dress pattern. 

Normally I take pattern and hack but with the first 5 I made straight 14 no modifications, and it fits my 37-31-40 figure perfectly.

The final one I replaced the knit sleeves for a chiffon woven fabric and it worked really well.

Its  perfect for yoga and to layer and as much as the sleeves are voluminous they don’t get wet washing up #keepingitreal

Can’t recommend it enough. Love it thank you @tillybuttons