Ipswich swimsuit

A review of Cashmerette Ipswich Swimsuit

Reviewed by Betty.buttefly on 19th October, 2018

This is my second swimsuit I’ve made for myself having made the closet case patterns Sophie last year. I had high hopes for this as all of Jenny’s other patterns I’ve tried have all fitted me brilliantly with just a bit of basic grading between sizes for my pear shaped, mummy figure. This didn’t disappoint!

I added 1 inch of height below the waist, as despite only being 5ft 4 I always have problems with swimsuit lengths. This was easy to add to the lengthen/shorten line and everything did end up aligned perfectly. My only 3 points to note
-the neckline does come up high, I’m not sure if that’s because of the inch I added to the lower torso, but the top of the suit can be seen when I pop a T-shirt over the top.
-the leg elastic needs to be tighter. The instructions have you use elastic the same size as the leg opening, I wasn’t convinced by this so used the Sophie swimsuit measurements but this still is a bit big, next time I’ll remove an extra inch
-I used the triple zigzag stitch to topstitch the hem on the curved edge just below the swimsuit back fastening. The stitches popped the first time I wore it. I’m not sure if it’s because my hips are 2 sizes larger than my bust size but just something I noticed that I need to change for next time.

I swim laps daily and it is a really supportive and comfortable suit, although currently because of the high neckline I wouldn’t want to wear it to sunbathe (although not much danger of that anytime soon!)