Inari Tee Dress & Top

A review of Inari Dress and Crop Tee


Reviewed by Diana on 21st July, 2017

For the first one, I used a striped knit from Nosh Organics.
For the second one, I chose a cotton piquet. It’s a heavier fabric which I think works very nicely with the shape of the dress. And white is perfect for summer!
The pattern is very easy to sew. This one, I managed to make during my son’s nap (he was good to mummy and slept for three and a half hours!)
The third one is a cotton double gauze, which is heeeeaaaveeen for summer, so fresh and light. I don’t think I ever wore such a light dress! This print is called Water Window Kaorizumi, resembles a watercolor.

Inari Tee dress

Just add pockets…