I added pockets!

A review of Butterick Dress B6051

Reviewed by Norfolk Daphne on 22nd July, 2019

I chose a gorgeous ‘Marimekko-esque’ jersey from Stoff & Stil and opted for view A from the pattern. Despite the body measurements putting me as a 14, the finished measurements for a 10 graded to an 8 at the waist were spot on, especially considering I was using jersey and would want neutral or negative ease. The bodice sewed up nicely, however it ended up far too long and gave me ‘boob bags’ where the gathered area is under the bust – not a good look! So, with it on, I pinched up the shoulder seams to see how much I needed to lift it by and worked out that 4cm would do the trick. I had to do some unpicking of hems, something I hate doing on jersey, but it was worth it to get the fit right. Thankfully, although I’d taken loads out at the shoulders, it still fits fine under the armholes. I made the waist ties longer and a bit wider towards the ends, so that I can wrap them right around me and tie them at the front: I always find them uncomfortable tied at the back when I sit down and lean back, plus they’re lumpy under a cardi or jacket. I left out the channel/elastic around the waist and simply overlocked the bodice to the skirt – this fabric’s got enough strength to hold itself, plus the wrap-around ties help take the weight of the skirt.
Obviously I had to add pockets…! I used my favourite La Maison Victor Lora Dress pocket pattern pieces, which sit nice and flush inside, and I made sure to add interfacing along the openings to stop them stretching out.
I love how it’s turned out and it’s SO comfortable to wear. If you’d like to read more about the alterations and see more pics, please head to my blog: https://norfolkdaphne.wordpress.com/2019/07/20/summer-maxi-dress-pockets-butterick-b6051/?fbclid=IwAR2soiP1ajWdaJ19kvgbBTHceeRzaYbjWL60XPXLRgw5qb1Qellc26iEEKc