Hovea Jacket, Quilted Nani Iro double gauze

A review of Megan Nielsen Hovea Jacket and Coat

Reviewed by CSews on 5th July, 2022

I made version F – the cropped quilted jacket – of this pattern. I used pre-quilted Nani Iro double gauze for body (from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics), cotton batik for inside pockets and Hong Kong seam finish. I made my own bias tape for the inside seams and for the double gauze fabric I used to bind the outside edges of jacket and sleeve hems.

You can make the quilted jacket into a reversible jacket but I opted not to because I was using pre-quilted fabric that was a plain muslin on the inside. But that plain inside inspired me to add pockets to the inside and to finish the inside with Hong Kong seams. Also, double gauze ravels – so it was another reason to finish the seams that way.

I cut the inside pocket pieces in batik fabric, making them the same size as the outside front pockets, and basting them in place. When I sewed a vertical line of stitching dividing each pocket in two, I sewed through the pockets on each side.

I noticed that the front pockets were rather shallow and that stuff would fall out so I stitched a line dividing the pocket into two. And later read in the instructions that that is something you may want to do, noting that you could stitch a line the width of your cell phone. There are good tips in the instructions, incorporating info from the pattern testers. I recommend reading through all the instructions of the version you are making BEFORE you start sewing. lol

I made size 14 and added 1 inch of length to the jacket, sleeves, and pockets. I have very long arms so that’s why I decided to add another inch to the sleeves. If I were to make this version again, I would add another inch of depth to the pockets.

I don’t know if I would sew version F again (how many cropped quilted jackets do you need?) but there are five other variations of this pattern so maybe I’ll try the mid-length quilted version.

If you’re a quilter, this would be a fun project to make a quilted jacket. And if you just want to sew a quilted jacket, you can always get pre-quilted fabric or have fun quilting fabric. And with so many versions to choose from – including non-quilted designs, you have a lot of options with this pattern. The hardest thing is deciding which version to make!

I wrote an extensive blog post on making the Hovea Jacket. And you can see more photos of the finished jacket here.