Hooray for Mila

A review of Mila Dungarees


Reviewed by Karen L on 8th April, 2019

I had been holding off on sewing a pair of dungarees, mainly because most of the loose fitting ones are too much of an 80s throwback for me but ordered these from The Foldline when I saw that these were much more fitted than the usual.

This is my first Tilly pattern and I loved the thick paper sheets. The outside packaging fell apart the moment I opened it – but luckily, there’s packing tape to the rescue. As an experienced sewer, I found the instructions a bit maddening (it’s intended to be written for beginner sewists). I stopped reading and just looked at the illustrations for reference.

I sewed the size 2 (also a little pointless to invent new sizes when you can follow one of three systems already in place). I added the pockets and belt loops from the True Bias Lander Pants. I also added 2.5″ to the leg because I have simian limbs.

I used a very heavy stretch denim from our local discount shop so the button holes were an absolute pain but the fit was very true to the pattern details. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I would absolutely make another pair, maybe hacking them to make culottes or sewing them out of stretch corduroy.

Highly recommended! ?