High-waisted bikini option

A review of Megan Nielsen Cottesloe Swimsuit and Bikini

Reviewed by Dorothea Hutchinson on 10th July, 2021

Instructions were clear and easy to follow, especially when combined with the Sewalong information on the Megan Nielsen website.

It has a slightly vintage vibe but is the design of my dreams, combining high waisted pants with a sporty bikini top.

I made a 12 top and had to grade between 12 hip and 10 waist for the bottoms, then cut down the back slightly to make it level around my waist (and account for my slightly rounded abdomen aka pot belly). I also had to reduce the waistbands and underbust bands by 0.5cm (and extend the top and bottom by 0.5cm) because I could only find 2cm swimming elastic (instead of 2.5cm).

I used fashion fabric from Newcrafthouse, who also has amazing swimming elastic. The lining is from funkifabrics. I had to hand baste it together ahead of using the sewing machine (because the seam allowances are so small and the fabrics so slippery).

I’m very happy with my first swimming costume attempt!