Great pattern, improvable instructions

A review of I AM Patterns Sunshine Jeans

Reviewed by Maple Syrup on 6th July, 2022

I made the slouchy version B in a size 40 from a corduroy.

I really like the pattern and the finished garment, but I didn’t like the instructions. First of all the english instructions only contain the maesurement charts in inches. After searching I found out that the french version contains the metrical measurements. Why not include both versions in the english instructions?

For my first muslin I made a size 38 because the finished garment measurements still had 6,5 cm etra width on the waist. Thankfully it was just a muslin, because I almost could not close it. So a made a second muslin in a size 40 and that one fitted way better, it just needed some small alterations to make it fit.

The front pockets are really small, I could only fit my fingers in them. So I added 6cm to the pockets, no I can fit my hands/phone. The construction of the fly seems a little bit complicated. I prefer the Closet Core Ginger Jeans method.

But in sum I love the final pants so much, I would still recommend the I am sunhine pattern. It is such a stylish and at the same time comfy pair of trousers.