Great Denim Jacket!

A review of Alina Sewing and Design Co Hampton Jean Jacket

Reviewed by Geri In Stitches on 24th January, 2021

The experience of sewing up this jean jacket was an enjoyable one. There are techniques like welt pockets, and flat felled seams that are clearly explained in the instructions. And if you are a visual learner, then there’s a very comprehensive sew along on the website to guide you through every little step. I reckon a determined and confident beginner will be able to make this jacket, and it’s a pattern that will grow your skills.

I sewed up a size 2 according to my bust measurements and shortened the length of the jacket by 2.5 inches. I wanted a cropped jacket and the length adjustment turned out really well for me.

The pattern is meant for non-stretch denim but I used a denim with 2% spandex in it. The fabric I used was a Lady McElroy Stretch Denim in Barbie Pink which was gifted to me by Minerva in exchange for a post on their new website. For more details, you can check out the post there or in my blog: Geri In Stitches