Fringe Blouse and Dress PDF review

A review of Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress and Blouse

Reviewed by PatsyPoo on 9th August, 2019

I really loved making this dress. It’s a simple dress and it comes together quickly. The cute-effort ratio is very heavily leaning on the cute side for this one. Instructions are excellent and comprehensive enough for a beginner. I made a size 4 but will size up the waist on my next attempt. My shoulders are fairly wide and I’d like a little more room to pull the dress on and off.
The fabric I used is a tencel lawn, which I didn’t even realise was a thing. But a thing it is and a marvellous one at that. It’s quite lightweight and delicate, so it can be shifty but it behaved really well for me all the way through.
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