Free Range Slacks in Black Linen

A review of Sew House Seven Free Range Slacks

Reviewed by CSews on 4th June, 2022

I made version 2 – the straight, cropped leg slacks. I had made a muslin of version 1 but they needed more ease in the calf area. They were fine when I was standing but when I sat down, they were a little too snug for me. I didn’t feel like making any pattern adjustments so I decided to make version 2. Version 1 seemed to fit well everywhere else so I just decided to go for it.

I made size 14 and didn’t make any adjustments – except in the construction. My linen was more on the lightweight side so I was worried that the linen might get worn out in the seat. To make them last a little longer, I decided to line my Free Range Slacks with Bemberg lining. You can read about how I lined them in this blog post.

Otherwise, I followed the instructions, which were very clear and included nice suggestions, such as sewing the center seam of the waistband first and then holding it up to the pants waistband to make sure it’s the correct size. Then you can adjust if you happened to cut the wrong size. What a great tip!

I like the deep pockets. I can put my entire hand in them.

In this black linen, I can easily dress it up or down. They are definitely a wardrobe staple. I’ve already worn them multiple times. I’ll be making another pair, maybe I’ll lengthen them for a longer version.

They are very comfortable to wear. I’ll probably make this pattern many times.

You can see more photos on my blog post about the finished Free Range Slacks.