florals and sleeves

A review of Nexus Blouse

Reviewed by Purplesewingcloud on 21st November, 2019

This is absolutely a new favourite and a pattern I will be using lots!

It has a great shape and has a couple of variations, this version is the cropped option with the bell sleeves. It doesn’t have and bust shaping and I’m quite blessed in that department (DD) but I’ve not found that to cause me any issues. It can be worn backwards too and it looks perfect under your dungarees and pinafores.

The pattern comes together really lovely and they’ve included facing for the cuffs which gives the perfect finishing. I did make some alterations to the pattern including under stitching the facing as I always find this helps the facing sit so much better.

I’ve cut a straight size 7 with no adjustments. My measurements are B43′ W37′ H46.5′