Fabulous summer dress

A review of Marilla Walker Belemnite Dress

Reviewed by Lyn Fairweather on 5th April, 2020

I saw this dress on the Fold Line Instagram page and ordered it straight away. It was my first experience of using The Fold Line and I was impressed by their service.

I love making dresses and like patterns that are relatively unfitted but this one was different. I had some chambray  cotton fabric and thought this was the perfect match. Whilst cutting out the pattern, I realised that I didn’t have enough fabric but with a little tweaking of the length of the skirt and sleeves I got away with it! The fit for ladies with an ample busom is great too.

The dress was easy to sew and I used a flat fell seam which went with the style of the dress and the fabric. The instructions were easy to follow with just enough diagrams. The next time I make this dress, I am going to use some floaty floral fabric and them make another in needle cord for Autumn.