Everyone: I love your skirt! Winslow Culottes

A review of Helen's Closet Winslow Culottes

Reviewed by Mel Forrest on 25th February, 2020

There are absolutely no faults to be found with culottes – what’s not to like? Comfy, easy to style, maintain modesty at all times (even in high winds) and solve that awkward problem of ‘chub rub’ for those of us that were not blessed with a ‘thigh-gap’. Not all culottes were created as equals, however, but the Winslows are gold standard.

This is a fantastic beginner level pattern for two reasons; firstly, Helen’s instructions are brilliant. They will hold your hand from beginning to end and teach even experienced seamstresses a tip or two along the way. Secondly, because of the style of the garment the only fitting you need to do is at the waist – hooray!

I checked the size guide and finished garment measurements carefully before deciding to make a size 6. This ensures a close fit around my 27″ waist and means I still have plenty of ease around my 38″ hips, even though they are 2″ bigger than the pattern recommends for a size 6. I made view C with no alterations, although they look quite long on me because I’m only 5’4″ and have short legs!

Let’s talk about the fabric I used, because it’s flipping special. This is tencel twill from Merchant and Mills and the colour is called ‘pilot’. It is much heavier than their regular tencel twill and weighs in at a hefty 350gsm as opposed to 180gsm. The result is a gorgeous drape and a soft, deep twill – it’s a perfect match for culottes!

I will 100% be making another pair of Winslows and the only change will be the fabric I use. I fancy a lighter weight pair for warm days – maybe a nice linen blend, or even a bold print? I can’t wait!