Even I could make it!

A review of Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse

Reviewed by Nicola King on 1st May, 2022

As a newbie to sewing I decided to sign up for a subscription box to receive some quality fabric and inspiration of what to sew.  I settled on a top quite quickly for this fabric and The Fold Line were featured in my boxes accompanying magazine.  When I saw this pattern I knew it was the one!   The pattern instructions were really easy to follow with clear instructions and helpful diagrams.  That along with my beautiful viscose made for an enjoyable confidence building make.  The only alteration I’d make for the next time I sew this (and I’m sure there will be – a jade green I’m thinking) is to shorten the body so the waist sits on my waist rather than hips.  I am really short so this is a common thing for me and I guess it’s why toiles are used!  I am really looking forward to wearing this to work next week and proudly telling everyone that I made it!