Easy to sew, easy to wear

A review of Named Kielo Wrap Dress and Jumpsuit

Reviewed by Caroline's Creative Corner on 7th November, 2020

This is my second Kielo dress, but first with the new pattern. I wore my original Kielo so much over the summer and when Named clothing re-released the pattern with sleeves, I couldn’t get the idea of a cosy merino Kielo out of my head.

I really like the neckline and the sleeves on the new pattern. I could never get on with the sleeve add-on for the original, so that made it worth the purchase for me. However, I don’t think the shaping is as good on this version, all the darts have been removed and the back really isn’t as flattering without them. I have plans to combine the two versions and incorporate the fisheye darts back in for my next one. This was a really quick and easy sew, even for a very slow sewer! I also find the Kielo a really easy piece to wear, you can just throw it on and be comfortable, but it looks like you’ve made an effort.

The merino worked really well with this pattern. It was a bit of a test so I made it shorter this time, but I’m definitely planning a maxi version now. I interfaced the ties and cut it roughly to the knee but I don’t think I made any other changes. I made the size 40 and got away with no FBA, my measurements are b37w27h40.