Double Gauze Myosotis

A review of Myosotis Dress


Reviewed by English Girl At Home on 13th October, 2019

I made View A, with all possible ruffles, in size 34/36 (grading between sizes at the waist). The collar is a little fiddly, but otherwise the construction is straightforward and I found the fit good on me. During construction I should have taken more care to stabilise my fabric on the long curved front bodice pieces, because when I initially got to the point of sewing the bodice together I found that the delicate double gauze fabric had stretched and the bodice wouldn’t lie flat. Luckily I had enough fabric left to recut the bodice, and second time around I underlined the bodice pieces in a plain white cotton, making the bodice much more stable, easier to sew and opaque.

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