Delia Beanie – Named

A review of Named Delia Beanie PDF

Reviewed by Ashley Cramp on 27th October, 2015

3 Recycled Delia Beanies.

Pattern came up very small!

It is Beanie weather here in Dorset this week. Luckily we were prepared, I have been sewing stretch knit fabric beanies for Marc (with a ‘C’) aka my ‘talented other half’…
Whilst perusing patterns from the new Named clothing collection I spotted the perfect pattern for the old man! I thought if I made it a little bigger it would be perfect for Mr October as part of my sewing for men series. Marc loves a Beanie.

The black one was made from some fleece scraps but did not stretch well. I used an old jumper to make the mauve one and left the original ribbing as a hem. The green one came from the back and front of one of Marc’s old sweaters. Bonus.

A note for you:
This pattern is ideal for a super quick Sunday sew if ever you fancy making one or two. It is available as a PDF. Easily sewn up without the need for an over-locker.
The iron on motifs were bought in various haberdashery shops and online.

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