Definitely one to improve sewing skills

A review of Paper Theory Patterns Olya Shirt and Dress

Reviewed by jenlegg_teescreatives on 15th February, 2021

I’ve been using this lockdown to improve my sewing skills and this pattern has definitely done that. It throughs you straight  in at the deep end by constructing the sleeve placket first. I did have to refer to another pattern I’ve used for instruction, only because this helped to clarify. I loved the square detail on the back too!

Progress thoughts here  

I choose this  Stores  fabric that I had been trying to resist for a long time. From Fabric Godmother.  It was perfect and pressed into place really well. The construction is challenging I definitely wouldn’t recommend for a beginner but I got there in the end. Lots of head scratching!
Flat lay of shirt 

You can see it in action ready in time for the pink/red themed Gelentine  party where my grid came alive with my favourite colour clash. Thank you Meg Pigeon Wishes!

I’ve mentioned previously I’m a serial Sewist I like to make a pattern at least 3 times so there will be more.