Cropped Kalle – Closet Core Patterns

A review of Closet Core Patterns Kalle Shirt/Shirtdress

Reviewed by AnaPlanda on 26th January, 2020

I love this cropped Kalle Shirt. I made it in a viscose which worked out great, but there were some tricky parts in the constructions. Well, mostly in attaching the facing to the hem and sewing them together. The fabric stretched out at one point and they no longer matched but I just cut the excess to make them the same size again and it worked.

Other parts were easy to construct by following instructions and occasionally unpicking seams. It was the first time I constructed a concealed placket so that was fun. The instructions are great, the pattern is interesting and has 3 variations so I would say it is a good purchase if you are on a hunt for a shirt and shirtdress.

I have a blog post up with more photos and details so you can have a look at it here: