Corduroy Jenny Overalls

A review of Closet Core Patterns Jenny Trousers/Overalls

Reviewed by Charlotte.Rand on 9th December, 2019

finally made my Jenny Overalls after having them cut out for almost a year.  I made these in a wide wale chocolate brown corduroy that I ordered from Fabscrap.  I think it’s a cotton poly blend but not totally sure.  It has no stretch and sheds everywhere!  I made a straight size 10 based off of my waist measurement.  They fit well but I think a stretch denim or corduroy would be a bit more comfortable for longer wear.  I had no major problems following the instructions but would have loved a few more pictures to show some of the trickier steps as a jeans/pants newbie.

I would also do a small sway back adjustment next time and thought I would want to shorten the crotch (as I do with a lot of pants patterns) but the extra roomy crotch ease is actually nice for the type of fit.  I do find the wide leg in the somewhat drapey (?) corduroy to be a bit weird and would prefer the wide legs in a denim.  Or I’d hack them into a straight leg and roll up the hem.

I used a single side zipper but did baste the legs together first to check that I could get in and out of them easily.  The pattern suggests doing this first to make sure you don’t need two side zippers.  I wouldn’t skip this step especially if you have a large hip to waist difference.

I loved putting in the hardware, which I was scared by at first, but it really went well if you follow some of Closet Case’s online sew alongs.  I recommend these to help a bit with sewing and fit.  Overall these are great overalls!

I actually really love these overalls and think they are cool but I’m not sure about the fabric I chose as part of my style.  It was a good choice for a wearable muslin but I definitely want to put the time into a denim pair with a slightly better fit.