Comfy number – Butterick B6051

A review of Butterick Dress B6051

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 17th March, 2022

This is the Butterick 6051. This pullover dress has several neckline and skirt variations, and a choice between a more fitted wrap bodice (this one) and a looser one. There’s also a shaped front hemline version. Mine is the length to match the amount of fabric I had available.

After much research, reading through many reviews, I took a deep breath went down 2 whole sizes on the bust and hips and 3 sizes on the waist, cutting out the straight size 10!

It fits just right everywhere and with the added bonus of no closures, you just pull it over your head and wiggle through the waistband.

I’m so pleased I didn’t make up the original size!

There’s more details and photos on my blog here