Comfy number – La Paz Jacket

A review of Itch to Stitch La Paz Jacket

Reviewed by Love, Lucie on 4th October, 2022

This is my second version of theItch to Stitch La Paz jacket

I wanted a navy blazer in stretch for work. One that I could wear comfortably in the car and possibly all day in the office in cooler weather. I had been eyeing up one in the Boden catalogue for many many years.

I love Itch to Stitch Patterns. I find the fit excellent and the instructions clear and precise. Not all the patterns are to my style but there are some real gems.

The Itch to Stitch web site classes this an advanced sew.

This is the second time I’ve made this up, the first was a couple of years ago and unfortunately I choose completely the wrong size, not understanding the difference between my bra cup size and my dress making cup size.

The pattern actually tells you to choose your usual cup size, which is a D. But this resulted in a jacket which was too small but with more than ample bust room! It took me such a long time, 2 years ago. More research this time lead me to the Itch to Stitch site which helped me choose the B cup, as my upper bust is 1.5 inches smaller than my full bust measurement.

Anyway, then covid struck and I had no need for a navy work blazer!

This version was much faster, with my recent jacket sewing experience, but still an inordinate amount of time seems to go into the pockets! Then it’s pretty much plain sailing.

My measurements are 35inch full bust, 30 inch waist, 37 hip. I went with the B cup size 4 for a 35 1/8 bust, 29 1/2 waist, 37 1/4 hip.

I’ve come to realise during my recent jacket makes, I have short arms. I shortened these by 3 cm. To update the style of the jacket I lengthened it by 3 cm, but at the hip, not at the waist lengthening/shortening mark shown on the pattern piece.

There’s more details about the changes I made on my blog post