Coco – Tilly and the Buttons

A review of Tilly and the Buttons Coco Top and Dress

Reviewed by penguinandpear on 6th October, 2015

I downloaded the coco pattern a few nights ago. I have wanted it for a long time and would have preferred to buy the paper copy but I wanted it there and then so PDF it was. I received this instantly (pattern and book) so was able to print out. I decided to print on to card so that I would have a durable pattern to copy (I knew I’d want to make this again and again) and it worked out brilliantly – I’m actually thinking its my preference to purchase the PDF now… It was easy enough taping the card together (certainly much easier than greaseproof paper!) and cutting the shape was straight forward. I decided to go for the full length dress with cuffs and cowl neckline. I completed in a couple of hours and was impressed with the result. The jersey I used was some cheap fabric I bought online, which I probably wouldnt use again but nothing to do with the pattern. The result turned out wonderfully and I have already cut out my second coco (a top this time) and cant wait to get it to the sewing machine. Highly recommended.