Chandler Trousers – darted front

A review of Untitled Thoughts Chandler Trousers & Shorts

Reviewed by ToryJaneSews on 17th May, 2020

A great pair of trousers that will see a lot of wear while working from home. Nicely comfortable yet smart enough for work wear.

I used a mid-weight cotton herringbone twill from Fabworks that I’ve had in my stash for ages. It creases as you can see from the picture below but I think this adds to the character of the trousers.

The trousers are great and have come together well but the pattern drafting isn’t particularly accurate.

Pocket pieces – The cut mark on the pocket pieces for the no faux fly version is 1/4 inch too short. It should be closer to the faux fly flap. Also, the grain line is incorrect. It is on a slight angle but tilts the wrong way. I’ve remarked the straight grain and the pattern match grain for future pairs.

Front leg – The notches on the trouser front are too low on the side seam. The pocket notch should be about 1/2 inch higher and the side seam notches should be around 1/4 inch higher.

Other alterations I’ll need to make on any future pairs is to lengthen the front dart by around 1 inch as the current length ends at a strange place on my body.