Camden super fan

A review of Nina Lee Camden Pinafore and Skirt

Reviewed by Cyndy Mapletree on 22nd August, 2019

The has been a staple in my wardrobe..
Winter and summer. I have a denim one for all season, a lilac one for summer, and a needle cord one for the fall and winter. The a-line shape is flattering as is the high waist. The pockets are perfect and I love choosing a fun fabric to line them with. The only adjustment I usually make is to pinch in the waistband as it sits very straight and I find curved a bit more flattering. I absolutely line them and that too adds a fun bit of colour pop! The instructions are clear and logical. I have two more planned for the fall season. I have also made the jumper and really enjoy the shape of it! Made the jumper using a structured teal knit and it is a pleasure to wear!