Buchanan Dressing Gown

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Reviewed by SewbytheSeaside on 3rd December, 2017

A couple of months ago I made and reviewed the Buchanan Dressing Gown from Gather for the Minerva Blogger network. Below is a snippet and a link…

For me, and I’m sure many of you, a dressing gown is an item worn everyday from the wardrobe. So why didn’t I make my own sooner?!

I do love a fluffy dressing gown but a light and pretty robe is so much more versatile. Firstly, it certainly is more feminine and makes you feel pretty and glam when wearing it… because if you can’t act like Mariah Carey in your home, when can you?!

It’s also small enough to pack in an overnight bag for a trip away or a suitcase for a holiday – I don’t know about you but I hate sitting in a poorly lit hotel room in my pants doing my hair and make up!!