Brilliant Pattern – love it!

A review of Rosa Shirt and Shirt Dress


Reviewed by Norfolk Daphne on 15th November, 2020

This might sound a bit unusual… but the staff at a hotel in Amsterdam were the inspiration for my Tilly and the Buttons Rosa Dress! 
I’ve never owned a button up denim dress, but this one fits my hourglass shape SO well and is SO comfortable that I know that I’m going to get a LOT of wear out of it.

The fabric is a heavy weight denim with a good bit of stretch and has an almost peachskin feel to the surface, making it really soft to the touch. Size-wise made a 4 (38”) from the bust up and did a 1” full bust adjustment, then graded to a 3 at the waist (31 ¼”) and hips (43 ½”). For reference I measure 37” bust, 28” waist, 39” hips, 28GG.