Breezy summer dress

A review of Tea House Dress and Top


Reviewed by Helen Carmichael on 4th August, 2020

I am a fan of this dress!

I would not call it a ‘quick’ make – it took me around 10 hours including cutting out, as there are quite a few pattern pieces and therefore more steps.

I definitely found that it I followed the instructions carefully, the pattern pieces came together really nicely. The seams around the neck and front panel area are all enclosed and it’s a really comfy dress to wear, very easy to move around it.

I used a ginkgo print cotton lawn from my local fabric shop. I didn’t originally buy it for this project, so there wasn’t quite enough fabric to make the version with the wide waist tie, so I used the thin waist tie with back channel view instead. I think the tie is a bit on the skinny side so would make it a wee bit wider it I was doing this again…it could also work with a belt.

The size came up correct for my measurements and I didn’t alter it.

I enjoyed this make, and as someone who seldom ‘dresses up’ formally, I think my Tea House Dress has just the right balance of comfy, pretty and casual and I look forward to wearing it out and about.