breezy jacket, ideal layering piece

A review of Simplicity Robe or Jacket S9124

Reviewed by Natasha Stirrup on 20th May, 2022

The jacket was an easy sew and perfect for the lightweight cotton voile I had.  I think I will get lots of use from it as a layering addition to a simple vest top or dress.  I would like to make one next in a silky fabric for more of an evening feel.  I think its the perfect way to dress up a simple jeans/plain top combo.

I didn’t bother with a toile because its such a loose fit but then I ended up making a couple of changes once it was sewed up, which would have been easier had I planned them.  #1, I didn’t like the way the original finished as a right angle, so I angled it to run with the curve of the hem.   The back of the jacket was too long so I took 14cm off the length.  In retrospect i should have gone for view D as that is what I’ve ended up creating from view B!

Making the jacket reminded me why I hate to use the big manufacturers patterns.  Those huge thin tissue sheets are hard to handle and have a huge problem with the instructions.  the tiny diagrams that accompany the steps are confusing and the instruction sheet in itself is hard to manipulate easily.

Having said that, I would recommend this pattern and will make it again