Boylston Bra

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Reviewed by sorachelsews on 22nd September, 2016

The Boylston Bra is a great bra pattern! I’ve made a couple of them, and I’m still tweaking to get the perfect fit.

I’ve made this in 32DD cups graded to a 30DD in the back band. The cups fit marvelously, but the band is very tight.

The sizing instructions say to add 4-5″ to your underbust measurement to select your band size. I completely skipped that page, apparently, so I’ve been making the wrong band size. My RTW size is 28E/F and I’m pretty sure the 32DD will be perfect.

I love this bra pattern, and with simple tweaks, I made a scalloped lace upper cup with regular straps. Once I get the fit perfect, I’m sure I’ll come up with all sorts of ideas for making this 🙂

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