Beware of leg length!

A review of Ash Jeans


Reviewed by PatsyPoo on 18th November, 2019

The Ash jeans pattern is a great stretch jeans pattern to have. With FOUR leg options (slim, skinny, flared and wide), it has all your your stretch jeans needs covered.
I have a few Megan Nielsen patterns but the Ash was my first time actually making one of them. The instructions were outstanding. Very clear and easy to follow. These aren’t my first pair of jeans, so I have an idea of what to expect now. But the instructions were so thorough and well laid out that I didn’t need any Google assistance at all.
Where the pattern lost a star from my rating was the leg length. I’m only 5’6″ (159cm), which is a pretty average height, but they hit well above my ankles. If I had hemmed them as the pattern suggests, they’d have been another 1.5cm shorter than they are now. There is an inseam measurement with the size chart and it’s my fault for not double checking that measurement. I fully accept that, but I feel it should be made a little clearer that these are shorter than most.
Other than that, I’m very happy with the fit. I made a size 29 and changed nothing around the waist and hips. I did have to let the sides and inseam out a bit but that is as much to do with my shape and the stretch of the fabric as anything else.
Overall, a great jeans pattern that I will be using again. Just bear in mind the length of the legs and check the measurements before making these.
I have a full blog post about theseĀ here with more photos and in-depth details of the making process.