A review of Bettine Dress


Reviewed by FoodieNelly on 19th October, 2018

My Bettine mashup! So this looks probably very far removed from the Bettine but it has the Bettine at its heart. I took the Bettine bodice and mashed it with the sleeve style from the BHL Anna. I love the Susie Blouse (Sew Over It) neckline so “borrowed” that for this version and then repeated it on the back bodice. The top of the skirt is a Bettine (so the seams all match) but the rest of the skirt is self drafted (it has a slit up one side). I also added ties to the back of the dress so (a) the shoulders don’t slip off and (b) it is easy to tell the front from the back when putting it on 🙂
Fabric is a viscose from Remnant Kings (but I’ve seen another colourway sold by Sew Over It too).