A review of Bettine Dress


Reviewed by AbiNorton on 26th October, 2015

I really like the Bettine pattern, and it is so easy to do! (Perfect for beginners) The instructions were easy to follow, so that was all a breeze! I finished mine (bar the hem) in half a day.
I am a definite pear shape, with my hips and thighs causing me problems in a lot of different garment shapes. I altered the skirt to not taper in, as the skirt is the shape that I know would be problematic for me. The dress fits, but I can not sit down. I would suggest that for other pear shaped ladies, that a gathered A-line skirt would work best (and is what I am going to try next!)
I do absolutely love the kimono top, and the cuffs/pockets. Gives so much room to be creative with styles and fabrics. I will be making many more of these, for sure.