Bertha cardigan from Make It Simple

A review of Make It Simple (book) By Tilly Walnes


Reviewed by sewminigems on 28th February, 2020

The Bertha cardigan is the first garment I have made from the Make It Simple book.  I love Tilly and the Buttons patterns, they are so clear and well explained, and this one is no different.  This was a dream to make, such a simple garment.  The only thing that had me head scratching at all was making sure that the pattern pieces were all correct as they are rather funny shaped so it’s a little counter-intuitive. – a sleeve does not look like a normal sleeve, a bodice does not look like a normal bodice!  But as long as you are careful with that, it is basically the same method as the Blackwood cardigan, but with batwing sleeves.

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