Beautiful Lyra has my heart

A review of Tilly and the Buttons Lyra Shirt Dress

Reviewed by Wendy Furness on 5th October, 2023

I am really a beginner so the Lyra dress was actually the first full dress I attempted, in fact only about the third or fourth garment! But I made a plan to learn something new with every sew for my first several sews. And I could see that Lyra had plenty for me to learn. I have made 2 now, and they are my absolute favourite garments in my wardrobe. The instruction booklet and accompanying videos made everything totally possible, I just had to go slowly, read everything, follow the instructions carefully, just like following a recipe really!

So far I haven’t made any adjustments to style or sizing but I’m brimming over with ideas for my next Lyra. Simple things obviously, I am still learning after all!