Bastion culottes

A review of Bastion Culottes


Reviewed by Underpressarfoten on 31st July, 2020

I’m probably the last one adding a pair of culottes to my wardrobe, but the Bastion culottes were worth waiting for! They are my style and the construction with the pockets and buttoning is very clever. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

They are made in an ex-designer cotton/linen fabric and I think the fabric was very suitable for this pattern. I’m already planning to make another pair for summer and maybe a pair for winter in some kind of lightweight wool/wool blend fabric.

I opted for size 14 since my waist size is between 12 and 14 according to the size chart. Since I’m 157 cm tall, I choosed to make the shorter version but adding 6cm to the length (almost between the long and short version that is). When the culottes were finished I moved the buttons on the waistband a few centimeters on each side to make it narrower – next time I’ll take them in at the back seam instead.

I’m very happy with this garment, it was fun to make and I finished it in a day! It is marked as a confident beginner-pattern, which I think is correct. No zipper, no difficult techniques – just easy sewing.