Bainbridge Pullover

A review of Itch to Stitch Bainbridge Pullover

Reviewed by Renata Laura on 8th April, 2021

I ordered the Itch to Stitch Bainbridge Pullover when it came out in February as I liked the combination of lightweight wovens with a low stretch sweatshirt fabric, also it has cup sizing. I’m sure we all have a scrap box of pretty fabrics for pockets and facings! I used a remnant from the blouse I made in Lady McElroy hydrangea print, which I combined with a a medium-weight spearmint green cotton jersey. I’m not sure if I like the gold sparkles on it (I hate glitter!) but I love the mint colour and it was fun matching the different fabrics and notions. I used pale green 15mm buttons because I thought metal snaps would be too heavy looking. I finished the hems with 3 cm pale green bias binding (you can make your own if you have more scraps than I did. I shortened the sleeves by 1 inch but it wasn’t necessary (5 ft 4). I decided to line the collar but cutting two collars. I sewed one to the neckline, then the other to the other side, pressed up – seams are enclosed, then baste together at the top and add the bias binding. I can wear the collar open too like a polo shirt. I liked the idea that it was advertised as hiking clothing or an everyday top.

This is an easy pattern but deigned for fabrics with very low stretch, the fabric I used was trickier and prone to curling so I basted the hems before adding the bias binding, which I sewed double wrapped at the collar 7mm and as per the pattern instructions 15mm at the body hem. I also sewed it without the pockets as I don’t use them and it looks simpler without them. The pattern is available in sizes 00-40 and A to DD cup.

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