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A review of Nina Lee Park Lane Dress and Blouse

Reviewed by The Daly Thread on 19th January, 2022

The Park Lane dress by Nina Lee has already been made by many sewists and I can totally see why.
It has been on my long “to make” list for a while, but when I found this green viscose fabric, I knew it would suit it perfectly.

I made the straight size 12 and luckily it fits pretty well! I omitted the shoulder ruffle this time (mainly because I didn’t have a rolled hem foot and couldn’t make it look neat ?) but I added an extra ruffle at the hem, just to give it a little something.
I think the dress needed it with it being a plain colour.

Nina’s instructions on how to insert to the invisible zip are great, so don’t be scared ? I think this is the best one I’ve ever done! Haha!

The Park Lane dress is very elegant and I know I’ll definitely be making it again!
The possibilities of hacking are endless!

Gemma (@thedalythread) x