Also delightful in May!

A review of Helen's Closet March Top and Dress

Reviewed by Rodentia on 4th May, 2021

I really liked the casual look of this dress but after my disappoint with me and dresses not going together, I decided to make the top. I made a size 6 which worked well for me – the sizes are more akin to US sizing so recommend to really check the size chart before snipping.

I really appreciated the instructions for printing which allows one to only print the sheets needed for the option you choose.

i made this in a cotton/linen mix from Merchant and Mills and just managed to eek it out of 1.5 metres of 145 cm wide fabric. The pieces are supposed to be be cut on a single layer of fabric which seemed rather laborious but I managed to cut out on the fold using creative cutting as the instructions suggest one can! The construction is very well described with a lot if tips and explanations of why something is a good idea!

The panels mean there is a double layer of fabric back and front which is good for sheer fabrics. I did some stitching by hand, i.e., cuffs and collar and made the hem of the frilled peplum as small as possible.

I cut out on Sunday p.m. and made it all on Monday and am very pleased with the result.

I think this will get a lot of wear!