Adrienne in merino

A review of Adrienne Blouse


Reviewed by JudithRosalind on 20th March, 2019

Adrienne in merino.
Such a quick simple make for something so stunning.
The pattern has negative ease but I decided I wanted it to skim rather than cling so I chose size XL for my 38/33/41 body. I also wanted it a bit longer so added approximately 2 inches, just by eye. I used the elastic I had so there is a difference in the width of the shoulder elastic and wrist elastic. The pattern came together quickly and easily, with clear instructions. Stupidly I ignored the advice to tack the elastic to the ends of the shoulder pieces and decided to lightening stitch it so there was no risk of it coming loose. However at the next step it became clear why I should have followed the instructions as you then have the opportunity to adjust the length of the elastic if it doesn’t sit right on your shoulder. I probably could have done with shortening it, but I’m going to see how it works… seems fine so far
I used some lightweight textured merino bought in @wearethefabricstore on a trip to Australia two years ago. It’s ad though I had this pattern in mind when I bought it ad it has waited patiently all this time.
I may make it again but not sure I have suitable fabric in my stash, and I’m trying to stick to stash sewing ad much as possible. If I do…I may go down a size, depending on the fabric weight.
I love the top and will enjoy wearing it.