A pink floral Hannah wrap dress

A review of Hannah Dress and Top

Reviewed by Sew Dainty on 25th August, 2020

A lovely wrap dress pattern this one, and one that has definitely re-kindled my love for the wrap style.

The style is very feminine and I feel that this pretty pink floral poplin was such a lovely pairing with it.

I made just a couple of adjustments as detailed in my full blog post linked below, basically lowering the pocket placement by a couple of inches (fairly normal for me), I also used the brilliant blog post on the By Hand London blog (again linked in my full blog), to adjust the neckline making it a little more modest. Finally I needed to play around with the bust darts, which still probably need more work.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable pattern to sew. Not a quick sew, but one that can be broken down into several sewing sittings. I enjoyed the bias finish around the neckline and the ties inside and out. Also the inside panel of the wrap skirt is nice and flat to avoid any bulk. Smart move!

I now have two versions of this dress (always a good sign when you make up multiple versions of a pattern), and will surely make more.

My full blog post over at Sew Dainty can be found here.