A perfect skirt!

A review of Merchant & Mills The Shepherd Skirt

Reviewed by Salva..aka @sewingunlimited on 19th May, 2022

 I really love this skirt, it’s just so comfortable and it’s perfect with trainers, which these days I wear pretty much with anything.

A beautiful pattern and I’d definitely want one in linen

I had some challenges with the pockets and the pleats…

POCKETS – there are 6 pattern pieces and together with the minimal instructions I got lost and very confused along the way, also leaving weeks between one sewing session to the next didn’t do me any favour.
So all I can say make sure that you mark all your pieces, paying attention to the button/buttonholes marking, and take your time with reading the instructions.
PLEATS – there are loads of them, front and back! I used chalk and by the time I got to the pleats all my marking had gone so had to use the pattern pieces to try and mark all over again…if like me it takes you a while to sew a garment then I’d recommend you use those markers that wash off!

I went up a size and made a 12, simply because I wanted the pleats to drop straight down, without sticking out and leaving gaps in between pleats, so I think this way you can see how the pleats fit nicely within each other.