A perfect Jacket for layering, sewing machine is optional!

A review of JULIANA MARTEJEVS Nelly Coat

Reviewed by Ashley Cramp on 24th December, 2022

The Nelly coat/jacket is a wonderful and enjoyable sew! Very quick to cut out and using blanket stitch to sew it together makes it special. Afterall, when did you last hand sew a complete garment?

My Nelly Jacket

nelly Jacket by Lazy daisy jones


The Details Of My Nelly

To make this project even more sustainable I deconstructed a mans Jacket I bought from our local Charity Shop. A large wool and Cashmere garment for £20! The pattern calls for boiled wool so there will be no fraying. In the pattern its called ‘Loden Wool’ This is an expensive fabric, hence my idea to find an alternative.







Video Instructions.

There are basic instructions and detailed videos in German with English subtitles. However, this is an easy sew if you are an experienced sewist and to be honest I made it up as I went along. The result was perfect!

Blanket Stitch.

I used my sewing machine for some seams and hand sewed the rest. You do not need a sewing machine, but its definitely a good option if you want a quick sew, or if like me your hand sewing is not very neat!.

Sizing is true to size I cut a large because I wanted it oversized and to wear over jumpers. Layers rule in the Uk at this time of year.

There is a reel with more details of my Nelly Jacket on my Instagram account @ashleyycramp 

I am planning another just as soon as I can save up for some boiled wool coating fabric!


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